Euromed solidarity cakes

During the month of October 2018 Euromed raised funds for the Fi Global Odisha Challenge in order to empower women in Odisha, India to become leaders in their villages. By providing education and coaching, these women can become champions for a better village. Euromed employees baked cakes or brought other sweet or fresh treats for […] Read More

Fi Global Odisha Challenge… help us raise €25K for charity

Fi Global are launching a new initiative with our charity partner, The Hunger Project. It’s called The Fi Global Odisha Challenge. The Hunger Project do great work with local communities in developing countries across the world. They aim to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centred strategies, creating a world where every woman, […] Read More

This is what Kanakalata Patra has achieved so far in her district Dhenkanal

Kanakalata Patra (45) lives together with her mother and is unmarried. Her mother has a small food stall. She’s trained, supported and empowered by The Hunger Project during her 5 year term as village council member. ‘There is so much I want to work on in the coming year. In my village there are more […] Read More

‘When you invest in women, you see the well-being of their entire community grow’

‘Indian business tycoon Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata once said it very strikingly – I do not want India to be an economic superpower. I want India to be a happy country. Although, apparently, financially India as a country is doing very well, it also has a different side. A small part of the population possesses […] Read More

Meet Darshan Surendranath – National Program Officer at The Hunger Project India

Darshan Surendranath is the National Program Officer at The Hunger Project, India (Delhi office) for the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka (his homeland), Uttarakhand and Odisha. Darshan has been with The Hunger Project since 2009, leaving the Hunger Project India to become the Head of Voluntary Affairs of the NGO Child Rights and You.Initially he […] Read More

Lata Nuagan the president of a large panchayat in Odisha – with around 8.000 inhabitants

Lata Nuagan (50) is married and her husband worked in the army before he became a pensioner. She has 3 sons (one of whom is now serving in the army), and she almost completed high school (she left after completing 11th grade). She is the president of a large panchayat (village council) in Odisha – […] Read More

Litali Das: ‘I feel a lot of similarities with our Elected Women Representatives’

Litali is responsible for Reporting, Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring & Evaluation of the Odisha program – and also has a Master’s Degree in English. She writes almost ‘poetic reports’. Litali has been working for The Hunger Project in Odisha since 2007. She is single, lives with her mother and has a son. ‘Through a common friend, […] Read More

Meet Sukanta Mohapatra – one of the two Master Trainers of The Hunger Project India

Sukanta is responsible for program implementation and management in Odisha, and is also one of the two Master Trainers of The Hunger Project India. Sukanta has worked at The Hunger Project since 2010 and has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Sambalpur University in Odisha. He lives in Bhubaneswar with his mother, wife and […] Read More

This is what Upama teaches many female village council leaders

Upama is The Hunger Project’s Block Co-ordinator in Odisha since 2007. She supports the female village council leaders in their 5 year term. Her father was also a social worker. ‘Many women know very little about the political system before they start a training cycle. In the training I teach them to take on responsibilities just like […] Read More

Country Director Rita Sarin: ‘Poverty hits the women of India the hardest’

Meet Rita Sarin – Global Vice President and Country Director at The Hunger Project India. ‘The poverty in the country hits the women of India the hardest. With a lower social status than men, violence against women is unfortunately still the order of the day in India. The risk of sexual violence is so great […] Read More

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